Back in the early days of 2020 I made an infographic which presented some details of LNG (liquified natural gas) adaptation in Europe. A lot has changed since then. Now LNG could become an even more important part of our endeavor for energy security and clean energy. Or is it?

Nuclear energy is frightening, but we might just need it for a sustainable future

Nuclear power plants and their electricity generation in the World, 1970–2019, data: World Nuclear Association

To what degree local energy production can fulfill local demand in the EU? Which countries are the “greenest” in energy terms and what does Latvia do for a nearly 40% renewable energy ratio? Debunking “myths” and the creation of a printable cheat sheet.

A part of the cheat sheet, if you want to know how to read the figures read on or scroll to the end

(Data visualisation is done with matplotlib, source and data is available at the end of the story.)

While in the recent years I have been working as an IT consultant / project manager / something of a data scientist / engineer I have recently switched jobs and went back —…

Have the nature of terrorism changed in Europe? Were there more terrorist attacks in the decade than ever before? Do we lose more people to terrorism than we did 20 years ago? A brief visual analysis of the deadliness of terror attacks in Europe.

(Done with matplotlib, source and data is available at the end of the story.)

About two years ago I got into an argument with some friends over a chart published on a Facebook page called Stand up for Europe. They’ve presented a chart from Statista showing the number of terror…

Alphabet és Google

“A Google nem egy szokásos vállalat. És nem áll szándékunkban azzá tenni.” — így kezdődik a Google IPO-jakor, 2004-ben kiadott alapítólevél és ugyanazeket a sorokat idézi Larry Page a hétfőn megjelent, az Alphabet megalakulását bejelentő posztjában.

Mióta hétfőn minden előzmény nélkül érkezett a Google átalakításáról szóló közlemény, már többféle vélemény…

Bence Kiss-Dobronyi

economist @ Cambridge Econometrics. views expressed are my own.

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